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DRAUGHT DRY GOODS - NO. 06 is a meditation on MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE and the unsung heroes heroes of hip hop that resided and produced work there between 1991-1996, including TOMMY WRIGHT III, PROJECT PAT, LA CHAT, AND DJ ZIRK. We are natural fans of the music, but also appreciate how tremendously influential this movement was to the genre, and how its common energy and unapologetic dark subject make it still relevant and compelling today. We spent several months digging through ANY AND ALL WORK and EPHEMERA from that period, in an attempt to produce projects that augment the smallest sentiments or intersections of creativity, community, and our taste and then celebrated these moments intuitively, because we've never actually been to Memphis, and this specific pre-internet movement is surprisingly difficult (addictive) to research from abroad. However, we traveled there often in our heads by closing our eyes in smoked filled rooms and imagining what a drive around Tennessee on a hot summer night must have felt like in 1995 with RUNNIN-N-GUNNIN on the radio. Another important part of our design process (ritual) was to create several oversized handmade flags, mixtapes, and to edit and exhibit a short video of found VHS footage from Memphis during that period. NO. 06 also incorporates several new bags and updates to accessories that were designed and produced in the peripheral of our journey. We worked with TOM O'TOOLE to design three jackets that each capture an essence of an artist from that period with tone, materials, and embroidered icons. The jackets were completely produced in PORTLAND, OREGON by ODD FELLOW COMPANY. We also designed three new jackets for FRANCES MAY to celebrate their new location DOWNTOWN PROPER. And finally, we worked with NEW ENGLAND OUTERWEAR to provide a very special unisex boot, cut and hand-sewn in their MAINE workshop.

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